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Grounded in a responsibility to be prudent stewards of capital, Navegar believes that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are critical to building strong, resilient companies that deliver long-term stakeholder value and driving better overall outcomes for our investments, the environment, and society at large. Since our firm’s inception, we have been committed to integrating ESG considerations into our investment process and operating philosophy.


Once we intend to invest in a company, we use internationally-recognized tools and processes to conduct full due diligence and identify relevant ESG-related risks and opportunities. As an integrated component of our investment thesis, we build a consensus with other stakeholders around applicable ESG enhancements for each portfolio company.

We then partner with the portfolio company to address relevant issues, embed sustainable best practices, and advance ESG-focused initiatives that improve ESG performance over time. These include appointing ESG officers at the portfolio company, defining industry-relevant objectives, and establishing monitoring and accountability measures, among others. As we understand ESG’s relation to risk mitigation and operational excellence, these activities are a standard part of each portfolio company’s value creation plan.


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Navegar and its portfolio companies adhere to the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards and the Asian Development Bank’s Safeguard Policy and Social Protection Policy, which outline guiding principles that inform the way we run our firm, approach investing, and partner with our portfolio companies.

To ensure we can fulfill our commitment to investing responsibly, Navegar provides its team members with ESG training and resources. Just as importantly, we also work regularly with our partners and other subject matter experts to expand our ESG-related expertise in specific industries.

Your input matters to us. Whether you have concerns about our environmental impact, social responsibility initiatives, or governance practices, we want to hear from you. Please share your ESG concerns or feedback with us at Rest assured, your information will be treated confidentially, and we are dedicated to addressing any issues promptly and transparently.

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Over 26,000 people are employed by Navegar portfolio companies.

Sustainable Energy

Royale Cold Storage has partially substituted grid power for solar power, saving an estimated $400,000+ and over 2,593 tons of carbon dioxide since 2019.

Gender Equality

Around 60% of outsourcing company Cloudstaff’s white-collar roles are held by women.

Food Security

Dali, a hard discount grocery retailer with stores located in less affluent areas, provides customers with considerably cheaper products than competing grocery retailers.