We exist to help companies

succeed and scale

The word "Navegar", which means “to navigate” in Spanish, captures the spirit of our mission—helping entrepreneurs navigate through the toughest of challenges to build enduring businesses in complex, ever-changing environments.

Philippine-based companies can shine on the world stage, but not without rigorous planning, relentless execution, and partnerships that actually make a difference. At Navegar, we strive to be the partner that entrepreneurs need—providing their companies with the right combination of capital and strategic guidance to succeed locally and globally.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the chief agents of positive change in society. And when we find these unique individuals, our team of seasoned finance and operations experts works side-by-side with them to help their companies achieve long-term success and lasting impact.

Achieving the full potential of your business isn't made possible by capital alone. You need real-world advice from people who understand how companies like yours accelerate their growth. You need partners who can roll up their sleeves and invest both their time and expertise.

Capital at different stages

We invest growth capital across different stages to help your company reach new heights faster.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Hailing from different disciplines and backgrounds, we are entrepreneurs, operators, strategists, financiers, and marketing professionals—all focused on a single mission: helping your company succeed.

Extensive networks

We have friends, partners, and former colleagues in local and global networks that have been built over decades, and we consult them to solicit expert advice, obtain commercial introductions, and recruit top talent.

Industry knowledge

We have deep experience across both the consumer and business services sectors, from outsourcing and food & beverage to e-commerce and healthcare, and more. This allows us to add value from day one, without wasting time getting up to speed.

Local market presence

Our on-the-ground presence and intimate understanding of the Philippines allow us to work with more speed and knowledge throughout your company's journey with us—from investment to exit and everything in between.

Continued independence

Because we’re not affiliated with entrenched business interests, our companies can remain confident in our discretion. At Navegar, we value transparency and operate without a hidden agenda. Your business is your life’s work and our business is simply helping it achieve its full potential.

Founder focused

We work vigorously to earn and keep our partners' trust. Playing the role of coach in the good times—and providing calm and calculated counsel in the face of the challenges. We’ll also cheer for you and encourage you to do more when we think you have the potential.

Better together

Everyone is here for a reason. It's our unique combination of different backgrounds, perspectives, and skills that make us collectively better.

Integrity matters

It's not just what we do that makes a difference. It's how we do it—honestly, fairly, and responsibly.

Fueled by passion

We sweat the details because we love what we do—working alongside entrepreneurs on a mission to create positive, transformational change in this world.